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  1. Quietly rising

    It was another snoozer on Wall Street Monday with a bullish bias as the small early losses turned into small late gains by the close. The Dow gained 31-points and the gains pushed the big three indices into more new all-time highs. Small caps lagged a bit and the Transports closed flat after coming back from a sharper early loss.
  2. Another trade rally, and no concern over DC turmoil

    Stocks up, bonds down. That's been the theme since early October and on Friday we saw more of the same with the late spike higher feeling a little like a capitulation from the bears, giving up on the idea of a pullback, or having their short position (bets against stocks) getting stopped out because of the breakout. Either way that kind of action comes closer to the frothy part of rally and sets up good profit taking opportunities for those who have been smart enough to ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    A mostly lackluster week ends with a rally on the final trading day to push the three major large cap indices into record highs. Earnings were winding down this week and a shortage of market driving news kept the action this week in a flat tight range jumping between gains and losses. It seemed the quiet action was a sign buyers were running out of gas (cash worth putting to work), but President Trump's economic advisor Lawrence Kudlow commented on progress toward a trade deal and the Federal Reserve ...
  4. The action remains quiet while the Hindenburg Omen warings add up

    Yet another mixed and flat day for stocks as the quiet, light volume trading continues on Wall Street. The Dow lost 2-points, the S&P gained 3, the Nasdaq lost 3, and the Russell 2000 lost 39 cents. It's been a yawner this week with earnings winding down, the impeachment hearings going on, the China trade deal appearing good but in limbo, and interest rates down, but not going lower.

  5. Another quiet day for stocks despite some hurdles

    Stocks were mixed once again with the Dow leading the way on the upside. Like Boeing the other day, Disney came out with some intraday data about signups to their streaming service and it helped the Dow outperform the broader indices, gaining 92-points. 70 of those came from Disney's gain. Meanwhile the S&P 500 and Nasdaq each saw small moves, one up, one down. Bonds had a good day as the yield on the 10-year Treasury fell back below 1.9%.

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