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  1. Rally day 3, but Apple could spoil it

    Stocks were able to push higher on Thursday, moving up to and closing basically to where the highs were on Wednesday before that day's late sell-off. The Dow gained 265-points, or 1.06%, the same percentage gain as the S&P 500. The Nasdaq and the small caps had even more significant gains with the S-fund jumping more than 2% on the day.

  2. Back to back gains 1st time in October

    Stocks jumped out of the game on Wednesday morning creating a gap up opening follow-through to Tuesday's big rally. Everything was going the bulls' way but in the last 45 minutes or so of trading we saw 2% gains in the Dow and S&P 500 become 1% gains. The Dow ended the day with a solid 241-point gain but as you can see in these charts below, particularly the S&P, the bulls may have a lump in their throats heading into Thursday. ...
  3. Another attempt at a rebound - no 2 day rallies in October yet

    We got our Turnaround Tuesday for a second straight week, although last Tuesday's intraday turnaround did not roll into Wednesday. This Wednesday (today) it has a second chance to do so. The indices bounced back and forth dramatically all day with 4 separate 1% intraday rallies and declines, and by the close the Dow and most indices were near their highs of the day. The Dow closed with a gain of 432-points and this time the small caps came ...
  4. Strong open, decent close, a lot of weakness in between

    Stocks rallied, and rallied hard out of the gate on Monday morning, but it didn't take the bears long to start to chip away at the gains. The Dow was up 352-points at the early peak, but after fading lower into early afternoon, a spike lower in late afternoon trading had the Dow down 566-points. If you do that math that a decline of over 900-points from high to low, which may or may not be a capitulation sell-off, but there was certainly highly concerned investors. ...
  5. How low can it go?

    What a week for stocks and October continues to live up to its reputation for being a very volatile month. We saw most of the big gains from Thursday taken back on Friday after the Amazon and Google earnings reports disappointed giving poor guidance. A big midday rally failed as investors seemed reluctant to hold into the weekend. The Dow lost 296-points, or 1.19%, but there was a little more weakness in the broader indices and the tech ...
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