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  1. TSP Talk Market Commentary 02/03/2020

    Stocks took a turn for the worse on Friday as investors seemed reluctant to want to hold into the weekend while the coronavirus numbers continue to to rise. The Dow dropped 603-points, and while the dip buyers were there on Thursday to buy the morning dip, they stayed on the sidelines on Friday and watched stocks decline all day without making a move.

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Coronavirus fears overshadowed strong earnings eventually repressing dip buyers. Stocks were down to start the week but with decent earnings from big names such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla, buyers fought back to erase pull backs induced by coronavirus headlines and worries of the global economic impact the outbreak will leave behind. Well on the last day of the month dip buyers were a no show and stocks saw their worst action since August. The Friday sell-off sent stock indices into ...
  3. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/31/2020

    Stocks tumbled at the open on Thursday but reversed to the upside in afternoon trading. The dip buyers are clearly still in the picture, but are they being set up? The Dow gained 125-points after being down 245 in the morning. Amazon posted a very strong earnings report after the bell, so we should see some buying at the open on Friday.

  4. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/30/2020

    Stocks were mixed and relatively flat yesterday with the Dow and Nasdaq hanging onto small gains, while the S&P 500 and small caps gave up all of their gains after a late afternoon reversal down. The Dow gained 12-points and while the market is focused on the earnings that are flooding in, they are also paying attention to bond yields that may be indicating an economic slowdown is possible, especially with the coronavirus scare this week.

  5. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/29/2020

    Stocks snapped back after a 6 day losing streak (for the Dow). The Dow gained back 187-points and we saw much bigger percentage gains in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, but it may have been a better sign if volume was a little better because the lighter trading volume doesn't make for a great reversal day. But it is what it is - a nice day for stocks and a possible Turnaround Tuesday. The questions is, was it just another dip buying day like all the rest of the dips, or was it a good selling opportunity ...
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