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  1. Character change


    Stocks opened higher on Monday morning, sporting an early 81-point gain in the first hour of trading. Apparently we're all now concerned about the Italian elections, but I think the market and investors were just looking for a reason to take a break after hitting that overhead resistance.
  2. Top forming, but it could take time


    Stocks bounced back on Friday after Wednesday and Thursday's two-day sell-off. The Dow gained 120-points - the day after our sentiment survey showed only 29% of our readers were bullish.
  3. Doubt Creeping In

    For six straight weeks the Top 50 has maintained a total stock allocation above 91% (and five of those weeks it was over 96%). This week, some of those TSPers are getting more defensive.

    Transfer 6/8 for 6/9/04-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg
    Transfer 6/8 for 6/9/04-2012-top-50-trend-jpg

    Total Stock allocations fell 11.94% for this group this week to a total stock allocation of 84.06%. Last year, a drop in the stock allocation of more than 10% usually resulted in higher prices the following week. In ...

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  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The stock market saw its first shakeup of the new year last week with a 2% decline from Tuesdays' high to Thursday's low.
    Hardly anything to panic about, and we did get a snap back rally on Friday, but we did see some technical breakdowns in the charts after a couple of false breakouts.

    Here are the TSP fund returns for the week of February 19 through February 22 - the first negative week
    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  5. Buyable dip, or is the top in?


    Stocks dropped again yesterday as investors were still trying to digest Wednesday's news from the Fed that possibly puts quantitative easing in jeopardy. The Dow fell 47-points but like Wednesday, the broader indices saw some stiffer losses.
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