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  1. January Jobs Report

    The January jobs report was released Friday before the bell with the economy adding 304,000 jobs, beating the estimates of 170,000. The unemployment rate moved up to 4.0%.

  2. What a January!

    Stocks rallied strongly again Thursday, on back of Facebook which rallied about 11% on the day. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq benefited from that boost and small caps were up in sympathy, but Facebook is not part of the Dow, which is why it was actually down on the day (-15-points). The weakness in the financials, DuPont, and Microsoft were the major drags on the Dow. The Transportation Index was down also.

  3. Apple, Boeing, Fed all help stocks to big rally

    Stocks rallied initially off of Apple's earnings, as well as Boeing's, which accounted for much of the Dow's 435-point (1.77%) gain, but it was the Fed that pushed it into another gear as their once hawkish stance has become quite dovish and accommodative for investors. The S&P 500 came very close to hitting its 200-day EMA at the highs yesterday, so now we'll see if the bulls still have anything left to push it above.

  4. The calm before Apple and the Fed - Apple rallies after hours

    Stocks were mixed again on Tuesday with the Dow gaining 52-points, while the S&P 500, small caps, and more so the Nasdaq, were all down on the day. There were some earnings warnings but we were also within a day of the FOMC meeting which tends to keep the indices afloat. Now we're getting more of the big companies reporting, and the first was Apple last night, which should be a market mover today.

  5. The bulls continue to put the pressure on

    Stocks continued their winning ways on Friday as the Dow gained 184-points. The bigger early gains did erode some as the day wore on but by the close Friday's rally wasn't quite enough to push the S&P 500 into positive territory for the week last week. The small caps and the I-fund were able to turn positive for the week with Friday's gains.

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