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  1. The market feels like it's behaving normally again, but will that be a good thing?

    Stocks opened higher and closed lower on Wednesday, as it has done all week. The Dow shed another 249-points, even after the announcement of the new top Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow. Since the market peaked in late January the Dow has had a triple digit move (up or down) in 23 of the 32 trading days so volatility remains alive and well, and that tends to mean the indices are still vulnerable. ...
  2. Stocks mixed after digesting Friday's gains

    Stocks were mixed and choppy on Monday following the big rally on Friday. The Dow traded in a 300-point range - up 120 and down about 180 - before closing down 157-points. The Dow is lagging as the large export-rich companies are still pricing in the potential consequences of the tariffs. The Nasdaq continues to lead on the upside following Friday's breakout to new highs with another new high on Monday.
  3. Golidocks jobs report triggers rally. Now what?

    The stock market reacted positively to the strong jobs report on Friday that saw the largest monthly gain in jobs in almost two years. At the same time wage growth came in slightly lower than expected easing inflation concerns. The Dow jumped 441-points on the day ending a big week on Wall Street. ...
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks progressed closer to the January highs this week. Investor's nerves over the steel and aluminum tariffs settled as U.S. allies were given exemptions eliminating worries of a trade war. A better than expected jobs report sparked a rally Friday putting the S&P 500 at its highs for the week at the close. The 313,000 jobs added in February marked the greatest gain in jobs since July of 2016. This was coupled with a slowed rate of wage growth to 2.6% from 2.9% in January. The numbers suggest economic ...
  5. February 2018 Jobs Report

    U.S. adds 313,000 jobs in February in biggest gain in a year and a half
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