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  1. Is it Different This Time?

    Friday, the S&P closed with a moderate loss, but held support at 1335. Today, that support failed as the S&P closed at 1329.47 for a moderate loss of 0.62%. The Wilshire 4500 closed deeper at 1.18%, while the Nasdaq fell deeper still at 1.63%. By comparison, the DOW only dropped 0.38%.

    Trading began on a negative note, but the market began bouncing almost immediately. Within about an hour stocks crossed back into positive territory, except for the Nasdaq, which was mired in the red ...
  2. Discuss Market Comments 05/16/11

    Get out your purple crayons - Stocks were down on Friday as the Dow shed 100-points on the day and it moved many of the major indices down to test some critical support levels...

    Current Daily Market Commentary

    Market Commentary for 5/16/11
  3. Going For It

    There's no shortage of media headlines that are pointing out possible trouble ahead for the market. And many technical indicators certainly suggest the same. But is this another one of those walks up to the precipice simply to shake weak hands? Let's take a look at how we're allocated for the new week and whether we're buying into the fear.

    Transfer 4/28/04 for 4/29/04-2011-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg
    Transfer 4/28/04 for 4/29/04-2011-cash-stock-exp-~-top-50-chart-1-jpg

    The Top 50 dropped their total stock allocation for the second straight week, ...
  4. Absorbing pain

    Absorbing pain

    My question to each of us here is "Are you looking at these markets through the right lens?" We each have our own personal risk tolerance, some more than others. Member Birchtree for example, sees waves of prices more like ripples to a pond, while someone new to the markets may see those same ripples as tidal waves of destruction. With our individualistic perspectives, we can each see the same waves of prices and react to them differently, but this doesn't ...

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  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - 05/14/11

    Where’s the breakout?

    The market action resembled that of an EKG chart last week as we saw a lot of up and down action. Unfortunately Friday’s triple digit loss in the Dow took most major indices into the red for the week.

    For the TSP, the C-fund slipped 0.11% for the week. The S-fund held onto a 0.19% gain, and the I-fund lost 1.86% as the strength in the dollar really hurt this fund. Bonds (F-fund)
    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
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