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  1. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/29/2020

    Stocks snapped back after a 6 day losing streak (for the Dow). The Dow gained back 187-points and we saw much bigger percentage gains in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, but it may have been a better sign if volume was a little better because the lighter trading volume doesn't make for a great reversal day. But it is what it is - a nice day for stocks and a possible Turnaround Tuesday. The questions is, was it just another dip buying day like all the rest of the dips, or was it a good selling opportunity ...
  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/28/2020

    Stocks took a dive on Monday over more concerns about the coronavirus spreading. The Dow lost 454-points with most indices losing 1% to 2% on the day. The Transportation Index was a big laggard as travel may be the first industry that gets hurt because of the virus. The I-fund took a hit despite some Asian markets being closed for a holiday. The safety trades of bonds and gold were up on the day.

  3. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/27/2020

    Stocks opened higher on Friday but the high of the day was it in those opening minutes, and from there it was a steady decline down for most indices. There was a little buying toward the close to push the indices off their lows, but the weekend newspapers could remind mom and pop investors that sticks don't always go up, so Monday morning could be interesting. The Dow lost 170-points or 0.58%, but the broader market indices took a bigger hit percentage-wise.

  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Investors grew skittish over coronavirus news late in the week ending a two week streak of gains in stocks. Stock indices spent moments in positive territory early in the week but as the coronavirus outbreak grew so did the fears of its potential global economic impact. Its a flashback to the SARS outbreak in 2003 which was credited for nearly a 1% drop in China's GDP. But it was Friday when stocks really expressed concern and dip buyers were absent. U.S. stocks fell around 1% on the day. This was ...
  5. TSP Talk Market Commentary 01/24/2020

    Stocks opened lower on Thursday but once again the dip buyers refuse let a minor dip go to waste. The Dow did close down slightly (-26) but most indices did manage to climb back into positive territory by the close. The I-fund lagged with the overseas markets closed by the time U.S. stocks reversed, plus the dollar was up sharply. Bonds rallied as well.

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