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  1. Stocks rally to start the new week

    Stocks started the new week with more impressive gains. The Dow lagged again because of more weakness in Boeing and IBM, but the broader indices were up with the Transports (+1.36%), the Nasdaq, and the small caps, particularly the Russell 2000, leading on the upside. Bonds were down as yields seem to be trying to put in a bottom.

  2. Investors showing nerves despite the S&P being new highs

    Like IBM on Thursday, another Dow component, Boeing, got clobbered on Friday pulling that index down nearly 1%, while percentage-wise most of the other major indices, including the S&P 500, small caps, and the I-fund, lost less than a half of a percent on the day. In the case of the Transportation index, it led again and closed in positive territory. So the 256-point loss in the Dow looked a little scarier than the broader market really acted, since Boeing accounted ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stock indices got an early boost thanks to solid earnings reports from a few banks Tuesday. Prices oscillated following the Tuesday boost even with the majority of the earnings released beating expectations. Reports of retail sales slightly slipping in September may have countered the optimism brought by earnings; yet the report could not wipe out the week's gains given the positive earnings from banks laid a foundation for investors that the consumer is still strong. Data suggests consumer strength ...

    Updated 10-19-2019 at 07:00 PM by TommyIV

    TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups
  4. Bulls fighting the "sell the news" mentality

    It was another back and forth day for stocks on Thursday after the early opening rally sold off, battled back, then faded slightly into the close, but the bulls held onto some modest gains. The Dow was up 24-points and its 0.09% gain lagged the broader indices because of IBM's 5.5% loss. Small caps bounced back, leading on the upside, while the Transports continued their recent bullish charge off their recent lows.

  5. The bulls take a break as earnings season kicks off

    Stocks bounced around in fairly tight range on Wednesday, and while there were a few attempts to push the indices into the green, we ended the day with mostly red numbers with the Dow slipping 23-points. The Transportation Index was an exception as it was up for the 5th time in 6 days, and the I-fund held onto gains as the dollar fell and the German DAX made a new high.

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