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  1. Volatile day after Fed cuts rates

    Stocks were flat to slightly lower for much of the day leading into Wednesday's rate cut and policy statement, and from there the fireworks started. It's surprising to see the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq move so slightly - up 0.13%, up 0.03%, and down 0.11% respectively, on a day where interest rates were cut. It was much more volatile than that. Stocks sank initially after the rate cut announcement but the last hour of trading saw dip buyers and buy programs kick in and pull the indices into positive ...
  2. Holding steady into FOMC meeting

    Stocks flip flopped Monday's action on Tuesday with modest gains basically getting back Monday's losses in the case of the indices that were down on Monday, while the small caps of the Russell 2000 declined after Monday's big rally. The reversal in the price of oil had a lot to do with that as Saudi Arabia downplayed the impact of the strikes on their oil fields. Most of the gains on the day were realized in the final hour of trading.

  3. Stocks fall on oil attack, but dip buyers still hanging around

    Stocks were down on Monday with the attack on the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia being one of the catalysts for the Dow breaking its 8 day winning streak. We saw the bulls fight back for much of the day and they were able to close the indices well off the lows, but the market was a little tired after the recent rally and perhaps it needed an excuse to take a day off. Small caps bucked the trend and had another good day.

  4. Rally reaching toward new highs, but does it need a breather?

    Stocks were mixed and mostly flat on Friday as the indices faded from the morning highs, so inventors once again preferred to sell late on a Friday - apprehensive of the weekend headlines. Bonds were down (yields up) as we head into this week's FOMC meeting which should result in another 0.25% interest rate cut. The I-fund held onto some big gains.

  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Momentum trading, monetary stimulus, and easing trade tensions gave stocks a third consecutive week of gains. Buy it while its hot was the sentiment this week as indices like the S&P 500 continued their extension out the confinements of August trading towards the highs of July. Recession fears diminished to a degree with Chinese officials expressing intent to focus on a trade deal and President Trump postponing tariffs that were to take effect October 1st.

    European Central Banks unveiled ...
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