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  1. Is this a topping process?

    Friday wrapped up a wild week on Wall Street. The Dow lost a moderate 99-points on the day, but the intraday moves have been fairly wide. 99-points was the smallest move of the week after we started the week with a 617-point loss on Monday, and there two 200-point gain days in there. There were modest losses for the week in the S&P 500 (-0.69%), while the small caps wrapped up their volatile week with a sharp 1.71% loss. The I-fund had a small gain but I think there is some fair value give ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    This week started with a gap down in stock indices and continued selling intraday until it produced the worst day for equities in months. It seemed reasonable that fear had given the bears the advantage; but surprisingly Monday's sell-off turned into a buying opportunity. The rest of the week stocks rose erasing most of the damage done Monday. By close on Friday the TSP stock funds were mixed; the I-fund produced gains while the C and S-fund kept losses for the week with the S-fund lagging more ...
  3. A breakout of sorts, but another fade into the close

    Saturday's Preakness race horses can only hope they shoot out of the staring gate as quickly as stocks did at yesterday's opening bell. The quick rally took many by surprise, particularly the bears who were looking for the 50-day EMA to hold the recent rally back. There was a meaningful decline in afternoon trading that took the indices well off their highs, but they all closed with solid gains. The Dow added 215-points on the day and we saw gains of 0.80% or more across many of the major indices. ...
  4. Another positive reversal

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Wednesday and it was the second straight day where stocks opened near their lows of the day, only to be bought up by the dip buyers. Also like Tuesday, there was a bit of a fade into the close, but nothing that would trigger a negative reversal day. On the contrary. It didn't feel all that comfortable, but technically it was another positive outside reversal day for the S&P 500 as it opened below Tuesday's lows, and made a higher high above Tuesday's highs, and ...
  5. Modest rebound

    Stocks stopped the bleeding for a day picking up a healthy gain on Tuesday, but some late selling took the steam out of the bulls' run. The Dow, up over 360-points at one time, settled for a gain of 207-points and both the Dow and S&P added about 0.80% on the day. The Nasdaq, Transports, and small caps led with gains over 1%. President Trump tried to calm the trade concerns so we saw some dip buying, but there's work to be done.

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