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  1. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks and bonds were up again this week. It was the third straight week of gains for the C-fund while the fourth straight week of gains for the S, I, and F-fund. The S&P 500 produced new highs this week and finished at previously untouched price action. Standing out was the S-fund with more than 2% in gains while the C and I-fund were under 1% in gains. This rotation into small caps was sparked by the rotation of names in the Russell 2000 that takes place every June moving attention away
  3. TSP Talk: Stocks mixed but power through inflationary data

    Stocks were mixed again after the CPI report was released, although the big three indices all closed with gains. The CPI report came in a little above estimates and the futures slipped in pre-hours trading initially but bounced back quickly. There was some selling after opening gains, but once again the dip buyers jumped in. It wasn't all bullish as the small caps (Russell 2000) and the Transports did not have good days, although the S-fund did close with a small ...
  4. Resistance Continues to Hold - Posted by Coolhand

    Quote Originally Posted by coolhand View Post
    Still no lift-off in stocks, but the S&P did hit a fresh all-time, intraday high. It's sitting at or very near its all-time at the close. Resistance seems a bit stubborn, but the smart money is largely long, so it would seem just a matter of time before stocks begin another up-leg.

    Poll - How to Handle a Disruptive Member-spx-png
    Poll - How to Handle a Disruptive Member-dwcpf-png

    Nothing remarkable about today's trading activity. Both charts are struggling with resistance right now. Can the DWCPF push
  5. TSP Talk: Small caps and meme stocks take a breather

    Stocks were down on Wednesday but it was another yawner as there wasn't much action. The Dow lost 153-points and the small caps finally had a bad day, but perhaps the key moves yesterday were in bond yields continuing to slide, the dollar rallying, and the Transports selling off more than 1%. The latter was mainly because of UPS falling but the Transports are often considered the heartbeat of the economy. OK, I made that up, but they are a good indicators for economic ...
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