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  1. Indices mixed but weakness runs internal

    If you looked at the close of the major indices yesterday you would be confused as to what type of day we had on Thursday. The Dow gained a respectable 70-points, the S&P was flat, and the Nasdaq was down moderately. Fine. Overall that's pretty mellow and flat. The problem is, the small caps and Transportation Index got pounded, and the number of stocks that were down far outweighed the number that were up on both the NYSE and the Nasdaq.

  2. Bulls can't hold gains, but bears may be running out of time

    Trade war on, trade war off. The switch continues to be flipped and stocks are getting tossed around like a rag doll. The Dow was up as high as +458-points on the day but closed up "just" 157, so it lost 300-points in the final hours of trading. This back and forth has been a recent standoff between the bulls and bears and unless the bears can capitalize soon, the bulls will get the added boost from the holiday seasonality and could win this battle. Also, a key level held on the S&P ...
  3. Another reversal. This one down

    After spending most of the night in negative territory, investors woke up to a big ...
  4. Stocks attempt another positive reversal

    Stocks were flat to mixed on Monday but it was a positive day as we saw a big reversal day after the Dow ...
  5. Bear flag breakdowns, or no?

    Stocks fell sharply as the volatility continues. The day started out with a 150+ point gain for the Dow after the release of the jobs report, so the big positive reversal day we had on Thursday did its job of following through on the upside at the open, but it failed to hold and the Dow ended the day down another dramatic 559-points.

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