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  1. TSP Talk Market Commentary 02/28/2020

    Stocks tanked for a 6th straight day on Thursday, and we did get a taste of panic and capitulation type selling toward the close. The Dow lost 1191-points, which is a record, and while it can get worse, it's just a matter of time before we get a snap-back rally. The question is, how much will we be able to trust any rebound in the short-term? That's what makes this action dangerous - and exciting - depending which side of the fence you are currently on.

  2. TSP Talk Market Commentary 02/27/2020

    It was another volatile day on Wall Street yesterday as the early rally had the Dow up near 500-points before the bears took over again. By early afternoon it was a bit of a stand off as the Dow drifted between slight gains and 150-point loss before closing down 124. The Nasdaq led and closed in positive territory while the Transportation Index took another 2% loss.

  3. TSP Talk Market Commentary 02/26/2020

    There was no Turnaround Tuesday for the market as stocks continued their slide yesterday. We flirted with the possibility of back to back 1000-point losses for the Dow, but it managed to stay within triple digits yesterday. The damage was broad and it may be getting overdone, but you still need to be careful with the VIX up so high. Triple digit moves are probably here for a while - up and down.

  4. TSP Talk Market Commentary 02/25/2020

    U.S. stocks participated as a domino in Monday's global sell-off. More coronavirus or COVID-19 numbers came about over the weekend that showed the virus was now documented in 28 countries and the exact spreading mechanisms of the virus are unknown. Fear of the virus's unknown magnitude had investors retreating stocks and moving into safe haven investments across the globe.
  5. TSP Talk Market Commentary 02/25/2020

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