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  1. Smart Money Gets More Bullish - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bulls had control for pretty much the whole day today. And it was a more even rally, which we really needed.

    7 Oct 04 Worse Day of the Year - Market Timer Back-spx-png
    7 Oct 04 Worse Day of the Year - Market Timer Back-dwcpf-png

    Price on the S&P gapped higher at the open and never really looked back. Price on the DWCPF also gapped higher, but was almost immediately hit with selling pressure that drove it down quickly in short order. That selling pressure got bought not long after it started and the DWCPF continued
  2. TSP Talk: Stocks finally exhale for a day

    It was another rotational day for stocks yesterday as the indices were mixed yet again. We saw early gains fade and some indices did well while others suffered. The Dow gained 54-points, which was almost 200-points off the highs, and the Nasdaq lost 1% (1.3% on the Naz 100.) On the other hand the small caps of the Russell 2000 rebounded after a week or so of pulling back.

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