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  1. TSP talk: U.S. - China relations may shake things up

    Stocks rallied early but faded late, possibly triggered by President Trump's message that he would be giving a news conference Friday regarding China. That is a story we figured would get the market's attention at some point. The Dow lost 148-points and the S&P 500 gave up a 1.1% earlier gain to close down modestly. Bonds were down, and the I-fund was up on a weak dollar and the early strength in the U.S. market.

  2. Smart Money Gets Bullish - Posted by Coolhand

    Quote Originally Posted by coolhand View Post
    Well, the bull party was going well til some trade news hit the wires, which triggered some selling that sent price below the neutral line. We'll have to see if it was just an initial knee-jerk reaction or not.

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    Attachment 46262

    For the most part, the charts held up, though the DWCPF dipped back below the 200 dma. But the S&P did not and that is the more visible chart.

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