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2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

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Decided to roll the dice. Order for 6k shares of SPXU @ 21.75 has been filled.
This is what we've come to.

Betting on whether tomorrow's dead body count goes up enough to spook the stock market.

So, for the last three weeks, we've all been waiting with baited breath to see what the daily numbers are going to be. The dreaded Coronavirus has arrived, and it's companion, the illness now known as COVID-19 disease, has begun to wrap it's ugly arms around people that i know, or at least family members of people that I know, and it's begun to choke them into a slow, blue-tinged, gasping struggled last breaths type of horribly slow death.

The way they are dying now appears to be at odds with what was expected.

A lone Doctor in New York desperately sounded an alarm yesterday, saying that we are treating the late stage life and death struggle incorrectly. He says it isn't like anything that they were expecting, it's not a fatiguing ad collapsing of the muscles of the lung. It's not exactly like pneumonia, with the sacs filled with fluid becoming so heavy, that the muscles just can't push it any more.

He says the muscles sill have strength, and what's happening is something is congealing inside the tubes, and the muscles still can pump, but it is possible that the ventilators, those pumps of hope, may actually be blowing too MUCH pressure into the lungs, and blowing out the sacks, leaving the victim with no chance to death. HE says we have to turn the ventilator settings DOWN.

No one knows for sure what they are doing. They are trying the predicted treatment. It is true that MOST who get sick get better. It's also true that those who get so far gone that they are put on a ventilator- Those are the ones is most peril. Those are the ones, that 85% don't make it off the vent alive.

God I hate where we are.

We almost could have stopped it in its tracks. Not now. It's too late. The beast is raging through the countryside, and we don't have a chance to put it back into its bottle. Not until a long time, and many, many bodies are left lying.

Now, most of the nation is stuck indoors. If we venture out without masks. the ugly dragon will slay even more again. It's on the prowl throughout the land. Only a vaccine can stop it, and we can't let up on the stay hidden, until we have the anti-body test that can tell, for sure, who has, and who has not already had the disease.

England has a prototype antibody test, but it's 2% false negative failure rate means it cannot be approved and used. We must find another test, or change the criteria. Maybe best 2 out of 3 tests will make the rate more acceptable. Its still in trials.

And oh, the quest for the vaccine. That golden bullet to knock out the danger. That may be a year or more away.

Will we end up hiding for the next year? Unable to return to whatever "normal" was just three short weeks ago?

I wonder.

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