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Another day down.

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Work day is finished, and it is time for a quiet evening alongside the blue Mediterranean.

The waves are gently rolling along the shore, and I sit on the balcony of my sea side hotel, tasting a glass of dry red wine.

These are the days to remember. I'm working in Israel, and have an ocean view room. I've spent the first third of my trip reviewing engineering data and manufacturing procedures at a key jet engine parts maker.

But it is the evenings that let me sit down and appreciate the good things God has put into my life.

I miss my wife, and my son. I miss my dog. They are now 6,000 miles away.

But meeting interesting people from all over the world is fascinating, and so important. Today I met 15 new friends, all from around the globe, and I am so much better for having met them.

Today I spent time with a young engineer from Hartford Connecticut, and her coworker, a dual-national ex-pat who lives here in Israel now. I've heard Hebrew spoken today, and English. And Arabic. And met a man who last worked in Russia. And another from France. The flags of Israel, the USA, France and Belgium fly above the factory where I am. They supply engine parts that carry people around the world.

And I've even made very dry jokes in English, which multiple nationalities understood. Ha!

But what impacted me most in the last two days, was standing at attention, silently, as the sirens went off, marking Holocaust Remembrance Day here in Israel.

For two minutes, absolutely everything stops, while we remember the six million Jews who died at the hands of evil men in the Second World War. Seeing Israelis stand silently, I can never begin to feel the pain that these citizens feel as they honor the dead who have gone before.

Always I will remember this week, standing silently, and always I will work to love others. We must never let hate tear apart the human race again.

No more evil, we must all live to help and love ALL of our brothers and sisters, no matter their race, or religion, or where they live, or what government rules over them now.

This is the only planet we have.

We don't need walls.

We need to live and love one another. And take care of each other. We need to build friendships, and families, and make sure others are fed, and clothed, and are not killed.

I read that in a book somewhere.

Some pictures of my hotel here in Naharyia, Israel.

Rod's Account Talk-pool-jpg

Rod's Account Talk-bigpool-sunset-jpg

Rod's Account Talk-18119003_10212271536564879_539977423891907997_n-jpg

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  1. James48843's Avatar
    P.S- Sorry Tom, but I forget to bring along my TSPTALK Mug on this trip for pictures.

    I will have to try again later.

    I'm going to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on Saturday, but they don't really allow photographs of TSPTALK mugs at the Wall, and I forgot my mug anyway.

  2. tsptalk's Avatar
    LOL. It's all good. Looks like a great trip. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!

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