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Fresh Highs for the S&P - Posted by Coolhand

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Last week didn't start out well for the bulls and as the week progressed it got a bit more dicey; especially for the DWCPF. But Friday saw a big rally that saw price on the S&P close at yet another all-time high.

Todays Comments-s-p-500-png
Todays Comments-dwcpf-png

So, while the S&P continues to push further to the upside, price on the DWCPF bounced off support at the 50 dma on Thursday and soared higher on Friday, but the rally fell short of retracing all of last week's losses. Still, the DWCPF only fell moderately for the week. Obviously, the S&P continues to be the more consistent index for the bulls.

Todays Comments-nyad-png

Cumulative breadth went bearish for a day late last week, but bounced back into bullish territory with Friday's rally.

The TSP Talk sentiment survey came in a bit bearish this week, but not overly so. NAAIM came in modestly bullish. With Friday's rally, I wonder if any of those who voted their sentiment on TSP Talk would feel any different now?

I remain bullish on the S&P and neutral on the DWCPF.

Now I need to let you know that my time on this board is coming to an end (at least as a regular poster). I said at least 2 years ago that I was planning on discontinuing my posting soon, but that I did not know when. As it turns out, I kept going at least a year longer than I anticipated. I hope you learned how I interpret the charts and NAAIM as well as my breadth chart. It isn't all that hard and I don't get distracted by all the noise. I will pop in from time to time and if I do see anything of note, I'll let you know, but my daily posting is done. I wish you all the best.

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  1. Jatelle's Avatar
    Coolhand, we are going to miss your posts. I have really enjoyed your insightful analysis of the indexes. It has been truly helpful in my trading. Thank you so much! I wish you good luck in your future ventures. Don't be a stranger - I hope to see you posting again on TSPTalk sooner than later! Best!

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