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Consolidation Continues - Posted by Coolhand

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The bears hit the gates running today, but the bulls countered with buying pressure by late morning into early afternoon. It was not enough. Buying pressure peaked in mid-afternoon and price fell all the way into the close.

Market Talk-spx-png
Market Talk-dwcpf-png

The selling is still out of the ordinary. The charts are showing a short term (to this point) dip after a multi-day rally starting at the beginning of the month. The 50 dma is still below and may be a target for a turn. Volume was a bit more elevated from previous days.

Market Talk-nyad-png

Cumulative breadth barely dipped and is moving sideways.

So the market is continuing to consolidate gains after the recent run-up in price. The selling may not be over and we'll have to keep an eye on the 50 dma should price fall that far.

I remain bullish overall.

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