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Nothing Has Changed - Posted by Coolhand

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The bulls had another good week, last week, tacking on almost 1.9% on both the S&P and DWCPF indexes.

lkatteng Account Talk-spx-png
lkatteng Account Talk-dwcpf-png

Friday saw another mixed day, with the S&P dipping and the DWCPF rising. Both charts remain bullish with price hovering near its all-time high.

lkatteng Account Talk-nyad-png

Cumulative breadth rose modestly on Friday.

The TSP Talk sentiment survey came in less bullish, but still bullish heading into the new week. NAAIM is flat out bullish.

Market character has not changed. The bull market continues to defy expectations for many traders and investors. While I am bullish, I am not complacent. Market character can change very quickly and if that change is more than short term, it needs to be recognized quickly or suffer the consequences. That's much easier said than done; especially for TSP investors who don't have much flexibility.

I am wary of this market now, but as long as NAAIM remains bullish along with the indicators, I see little reason to get bearish. That does not mean taking unnecessary risk, but that varies from one person to another. It could mean being all-in for one person and partially in for another or not in at all. I provide my perspective and narrative to help you in your own personal decision making. Currently, I think risk is rising, but that does not mean the market will change. It just means the chances of more than token selling pressure is increasing. Serious selling pressure may or may not manifest. That's why I am watching my indicators.

I remain bullish. Good luck everyone!!

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