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Crazy Train - Posted by Coolhand

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We got another choppy day with a mixed close. Once again, small caps are leading the pack.

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We got a fresh all-time closing high on the DWCPF, while the S&P was down and has been dancing sideways over the past days. Momentum is rising on the DWCPF and is hinting at falling on the S&P, but I am not anticipating a ton of downside on the S&P. Historically, when small caps are doing well it bodes well for the economy and market overall. Still, some sectors may not fare well even in a bull market.

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Breadth is still stretching to the upside and remains bullish.

NAAIM came in more bulled up today and is now about as bullish I've ever seen them.

I remain bullish, especially for the DWCPF.

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