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Coolhand's Market Analysis

A weekly snapshot of current TSP allocations for both the Top 50 and the Total Tracker. I also try to accompany the allocation charts with some measure of technical analysis, normally using the S&P 500.

  1. Have the Bulls Taken Back Control? - Posted by Coolhand

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    We got another volatile session today, but this time the bulls took immediate control to the upside and bears tried to bring it back down. Of course, the bulls won the battle with some decent gains on the day.

    Transfer 9/23 for 9/24/04-s-p-500-png
    Transfer 9/23 for 9/24/04-dwcpf-png

    We can see that about half the losses have been retraced and perhaps a bit more than that.

    Transfer 9/23 for 9/24/04-nyad-png

    Breadth continues to rise and remains bullish.
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