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Coolhand's Market Analysis

A weekly snapshot of current TSP allocations for both the Top 50 and the Total Tracker. I also try to accompany the allocation charts with some measure of technical analysis, normally using the S&P 500.

  1. Another Up-Leg May Have Begun

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    It didn't take long since the neutral NAAIM reading for the market to break higher. That was the most likely outcome, though the timing is not easy to discern.

    Lower highs - lower lows-s-p-500-png
    Lower highs - lower lows-dwcpf-png

    The next up-leg may have started. We can see that price moved further away from the 50 dma on the S&P 500, while price on the DWCPF closed above that level for the first time in about 2 months. Momentum is beginning to turn back up.
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