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Coolhand's Market Analysis

A weekly snapshot of current TSP allocations for both the Top 50 and the Total Tracker. I also try to accompany the allocation charts with some measure of technical analysis, normally using the S&P 500.

  1. Profit Taking Manifests - Posted by Coolhand

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    The last trading week of the year is seeing what appears to be profit taking and tax shifting as we wind down 2020.

    Throw it all in the c fund?-spx-png
    Throw it all in the c fund?-dwcpf-png

    Both the S&P and DWCPF were lower today. Notably, the S&P was hitting fresh all-time highs early in the trading session, but could not hold those gains. The DWCPF went lower quicker than the S&P. It was more like a bear ambush within minutes of the open. Still, the technical damage is
SPY (C Fund) (delayed)

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DWCPF (S Fund) (delayed)

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EFA (I Fund) (delayed)

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BND (F Fund) (delayed)

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