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  1. Jatelle's Avatar
    Thanks Coolhand. This is what I thought - very helpful. It will be good to see the next NAAIM report on Thursday. There is so much fear-mongering out there it's easy to get spooked. I figure the market has already baked in the expected losses due to the coronavirus. Keep up your good work - it's really appreciated!
  2. coolhand's Avatar
    Hello Jatelle,

    I am not expecting a dead cat bounce. There is a battle over control of this market and the bulls are winning. I point to the smart money (NAAIM) as reasonable evidence that price will be going higher. NAAIM is now leaning bullish. By following smart money I believe investors increase their chances of being on the right side of the market.
  3. Jatelle's Avatar
    Good information - thanks! There are strong market indicators that this rally has got legs (50 day moving average holding, falling VIX index, and a big drop in the Put/Call ratio today). But it has some storm winds ahead. Do you think with the jobs report coming out on Friday - expecting a loss of 21 million jobs - that the bulls can push through it? It is tempting to jump back in but if this is just a dead cat bounce week ahead then I will just wait it out...thoughts?
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