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Talking about cryptocurrencies, investing, trading, mining, etc.

  1. Introducing Alloy, a brand new cryptocurrency

    Alloy is a new cryptocurrency I have been mining since it launched around the beginning of the year. It's only been public for a month and there's already a lot to like in this for both users and investors.

    The project is a proof-of-work (you can mine it) privacy coin that aims to improve on its predecessors. They are calling it the next generation of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.

    Maybe the biggest (by market cap) and most popular privacy coin similar to Alloy ...
  2. Bitcoin chart analysis: The 50 day moving average

    Cryptocurrencies are so new, and so volatile. I don't typically prefer a long term moving average on a crypto chart for those reasons, but Bitcoin is different. First, it's the oldest and maybe least volatile chart (though it still moves a ton compared to stocks) of the cryptos. Second, the 50 day moving average has worked in the past many, many times as both support and resistance. Let's take a look.

    This is the most recent activity for Bitcoin in candlesticks, with the blue line showing ...
    Tags: bitcoin
  3. Weiss Ratings posts first-ever crypto grades

    Weiss Ratings, an institutions and investments ratings agency similar to Standard & Poor's and Moody's, has posted the first-ever grades on 74 of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, sparking a massive increase in website traffic overnight. The crypto community were so polarized by the ratings, Weiss had to address the feedback with multiple articles explaining how their rating system works and why certain coins received lower grades than their fans wanted.

    Weiss revealed ...
  4. Bitcoin chart update: 20 Jan 2018

    Well, Bitcoin's price action did not stay in the pennant that I showed last week. The big sell off a few days ago broke the resistance of the rising floor and damaged that setup.

    namor's Vegas Boxer account-20jan18-flag-fail-jpg

    However, the sell off stabilized in time to setup a new descending channel that looks like a bull flag on the 1-day chart (every candlestick is 24 hours of trading).

    namor's Vegas Boxer account-20jan18-new-bull-flag-jpg

    I added the MACD and RSI as additional indicators at the ...
  5. Bitcoin preparing for a big move?

    Bitcoin reached its all-time high on December 17, 2017, touching $19,700 and closing in the $19,000 range, depending on which exchange you reference. The bull run leading up to that all-time high more than tripled the value of the crypto currency from its low on November 12 of $5,600.

    Since that run, we've seen a lot of big swings, but it's really just sideways consolidation compared to the massive bull run.

    Transfer 9/1 for 9/2/04-14jan18-bitcoin-jpg

    That sideways consolidation ...
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