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Introducing Alloy, a brand new cryptocurrency

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Alloy is a new cryptocurrency I have been mining since it launched around the beginning of the year. It's only been public for a month and there's already a lot to like in this for both users and investors.

The project is a proof-of-work (you can mine it) privacy coin that aims to improve on its predecessors. They are calling it the next generation of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.

Maybe the biggest (by market cap) and most popular privacy coin similar to Alloy is Monero because of the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm and CryptoNote anonymity protocol they both use. Alloy wants to take Monero a step further by improving on their notable transaction speed and cost issues. (Think of a coin that has fast and almost free transactions, and then a coin that is anonymous and secure, and merge them. That is what Alloy is trying to do. There is a lot there to like.)

As of this writing, Monero is the 13th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $4B, with 15.7M coins in circulation at $250 each. Alloy will have a maximum supply of 84 million coins, so there will be about 5x as many coins in circulation as Monero. If Alloy ever became a fifth the price of Monero at $50, getting in now would reap massive benefits. That's because mining, or even just purchasing the coins, is relatively easy and cheap because of how new the project is.

I really do think this project can get to that level if they continue to deliver, and so far it's been pretty good in that department. The developers stay in constant communication with their community through Discord and Bitcointalk forum. They provide various updates and answer questions constantly every day. They also just released a road map on their website that shows what big projects they will be working on. Most people want to know when they will get listed on an exchange, but the developers have made it clear that they want to do things right and improve the project as much as possible before being listed. Lately they've been working on a better looking and more user-friendly wallet, but they have many more features in the works as well.

If you want to learn how to mine this coin with your computer, watch this video. If you want to buy XAO (the Alloy coin is denoted by XAO), there is a marketplace for trading in their Discord channel. If you need help with any of this, you can always ask the community and developers questions through their various media outlets. Feel free to comment or message me as well. I am more than happy to help.

You can read more and join the Alloy community on Discord, Twitter, Bitcointalk, and Reddit.

Bonus: Want free Alloy coins? Check out this faucet, where you can get up to .35 XAO once every 12 hours by just clicking a button, as long as you have a wallet to send it to. Don't have a wallet? Download and create one through their website or just send some to my address!
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