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Weiss Ratings posts first-ever crypto grades

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Weiss Ratings, an institutions and investments ratings agency similar to Standard & Poor's and Moody's, has posted the first-ever grades on 74 of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, sparking a massive increase in website traffic overnight. The crypto community were so polarized by the ratings, Weiss had to address the feedback with multiple articles explaining how their rating system works and why certain coins received lower grades than their fans wanted.

Weiss revealed several of the ratings throughout their articles. Not a single coin earned the grade of "A," while the biggest crypto Bitcoin mustered just a C+, citing network scaling issues. Ethereum, the second largest crypto by market cap, earned the highest grade at B, likely due to its widespread proof of concept . Other coin grades revealed throughout the articles include Steem at B-, Ripple at C, and Dogecoin at C.

However, an alleged copy of the grade list was immediately leaked and can be found here. If it is to be believed, below is a list of the best cryptocurrencies according to Weiss Ratings (with their market cap, according to coinmarketcap):

Grade "B" - Ethereum ($102B), and EOS ($9B).
Grade "B-" - Cardano ($15B), NEO ($9B), and Steem ($1.5B).

Other notable cryptos by market cap include Bitcoin ($190B) at C+, Ripple ($48B) at C, Bitcoin Cash ($27B) at C-, Stellar ($11B) at C, and Litecoin ($9B) at C+.

If we compare their market cap to their ranking, all of the B and B- coins not named Ethereum would be considered under valued. Likewise, it looks like Bitcoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash may be over valued. That being said, Bitcoin has been working on a fix for its scaling issue called the Lightning network, which should be implemented sometime this year. When that happens, we could see Bitcoin become the first Grade A crypto from Weiss. It will also be interesting to see other rating agencies follow suit and issue their crypto grades as well.


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