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Bitcoin preparing for a big move?

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Bitcoin reached its all-time high on December 17, 2017, touching $19,700 and closing in the $19,000 range, depending on which exchange you reference. The bull run leading up to that all-time high more than tripled the value of the crypto currency from its low on November 12 of $5,600.

Since that run, we've seen a lot of big swings, but it's really just sideways consolidation compared to the massive bull run.

Transfer 9/1 for 9/2/04-14jan18-bitcoin-jpg

That sideways consolidation of lower highs and higher lows is starting to form a nice pennant shape. If the price action stays in the channel, we could expect it to settle around $14,300 and then breakout to one direction around the end of the month. With this being a bull pennant, the breakout is more often than not to the upside. We will see.


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