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  1. TSP Talk - Bulls make it four in a row

    Stocks opened higher on Wednesday, hit intraday highs shortly after the opening bell, then moved mostly sideways the rest of the day and closed up, but off the highs. It was impressive that the bulls were able to hold onto most of those early gains into the close because the indices may have been due for a pause and the bears had been selling every rally before this week, but not so much this week. Whether that's because it is a pre-holiday reversal week, or because there has been a change in ...
  2. TSP Talk - More evidence of easing inflation triggers rally

    After four straight negative Tuesdays, the fifth Tuesday in August was a big one for stocks with most indices popping between 1% and 2%. It is a pre-holiday week and that makes me a little suspicious, but the gains were real and the question is if, or how long, they can last? The charts improved greatly and the view on inflation seems to have shifted as yields fell sharply and the dollar created a negative reversal day. So, pre-holiday reversal - or the real deal?

  3. TSP Talk - Stocks rally to start the pre-holiday trading week

    Just another positive Monday for the stock market making it 9 consecutive Mondays with a gain for the S&P 500. That can't last forever but neither can the current string of 4 consecutive negative Tuesdays, all in August, heading into the last Tuesday of the month. The Dow gained 213-points yesterday as yields and the dollar slipped lower on the day, creating a slight breeze at the backs of the indices. As the recent bounce off the lows grows, important resistance tests will be next. ...
  4. TSP Talk - Fed still hawkish - market still volatile

    The final three trading days of last week were, for lack of a better term, crazy and may have done a good job of throwing people off the scent as to what the heck is going on. Up big, down big, up again, with a couple of intraday reversals thrown in there to get everyone to lean the wrong way. When all was said and done the TSP stock and bonds funds ended the week with gains, breaking the 3-week losing streak it had in August. The Dow gained 247-points and the tech stocks of the Nasdaq led on ...
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - A Fed and Nvidia driven wild week

    I'm on vacation this weekend so Tom (tsptalk) will be writing the Weekly Wrap Up for me. You can find that here...

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