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  1. Institutional Investors and Market Sentiment: A Revisit

    Published in the Journal of Financial Economics in 2019 by Zhenyu Gao, Jiang Luo, Haohan Ren, and Bohui Zhang, the paper examines the relationship between institutional investors and market sentiment. The authors find that institutional investors tend to sell (or buy less) risky stocks following high sentiment, and that their trades relate to sentiment corrections.

    Here is a summary of the paper's findings:

    * Institutional investors are more likely to sell (or buy ...
    Tags: aaii, sentiment
  2. TSP Talk - Shifting leadership?

    A mixed day on Wall Street Wednesday as large cap tech has suddenly started to lag, and the broken down charts are improving and leading on the upside. The Dow gained 92-points while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were dragged down by those big tech stocks. Small caps had another good day, but the I-fund suffered another loss and it has also been lagging in recent weeks. Bonds and the F-fund were down on the day.

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