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  1. Bonds are the New Stocks

    The bond market lost its grip today. The bond ETF BND (F-fund) lost more than 1% today while U.S. stock indices closed within 0.1% of Friday's price. The difference in price range is counter to what you'd expect between stocks and bonds. U.S. Treasury issued bonds are typically thought to be a safer bet and less volatile than stocks. In normal economic conditions, the assurance of the U.S. government to pay back bond holders keeps yields (and thus bond prices) relatively stable.
  2. TSP Talk: Big week with Wednesday's rate hike on deck

    Despite Amazon falling 4% after their earnings, the market and the bulls were in a good mood in the final trading day of the month on Friday. The Dow jumped 272-points ending a mixed month for stocks. Earnings have been fairly good from the companies that matter most and that higher tide seems to have lifted all boats last week. Stocks seem to want to go higher, but now we head into a new month and sometimes a new month can mean a new direction. Will it be a year that lives up to the saying, ...
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