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  1. TSP Talk: Q1 window dressing rally continues

    The market continued its upside momentum as we head into the end of a successful first quarter for stocks. The Dow was up 141-points, and other than some minor losses in the Russell 2000, the gains were fairly broad among the various indices. Bonds were up on a dip in yields, and the I-fund led the TSP funds with the help of another decline in the dollar.

  2. TSP Talk: Bulls making a statement in face of recession fears

    The market has been climbing that wall of worry in the latter half of March as the bank failures have come out of the headlines and investors are now more focused on the Fed possibly pausing or cutting interest rates before the end of the year. The Dow gained 323-points, or 1%, and that was the lagging index of the major indices. Bond yields lost a large morning gain to end lower, sending bond prices and the F-fund up modestly. The I-fund broke out of its descending channel and the S&P is ...
  3. TSP Talk: New quarter, new direction?

    The intraday charts look choppy but the trading has been slow and on lighter volume recently, and in the final hour of trading we've been seeing a push in the opposite direction of the earlier trends. On Monday we saw some late selling in a more positive day of trading, and yesterday we saw late buying after a mostly negative day. The Dow gave up 38-points but most of the indices were fairly flat by the close with tech stocks lagging some again. Bonds were down as yields continue to bounce off ...
  4. TSP Talk: Failing flags?

    It was a mixed, slow day for stocks on Monday, but mostly positive with some weakness in the tech sector. The Dow gained 195-points and, with the help a bounce back in the banks due to some funding relief, the small caps finally outperformed the large caps. Bonds were down sharply as yields rallied, and the dollar was down helping the I-fund to a strong day.

  5. TSP Talk: A quiet run on the banks?

    The news out there has been rough for markets yet the indices have remained buoyant. On a typical Friday with bank failure announcements being a major concern, I would not expect a lot of buying before the weekend, but that's exactly what happened after stocks opened lower. The Dow closed near the high of the day with a 132-point gain. Bonds were up and the I-fund was a victim of the late US rally and some adjusting of Thursday's elevated price.

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