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  1. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

    For the week ending 01-27-2023

    This is my analysis of the weekly charts for the S&P 500, IWM, the VIX and 10-year yields. Premium subscribers also receive a daily commentary with the daily charts and my timing system’s signals for both TSP and ETFs outside of TSP.

    Current YTD returns thru 01-27-2023:

    TSP: ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The bulls reestablished their January dominance this week. The indices were up early in the week but pulled back early Wednesday, from there the buyers brought stocks to gains over 2% for the C-fund and 3% for the S-fund. The I-fund lagged the TSP stock funds but still managed a gain just short of 1%.

    I'm about to jump on a plane so I have to keep this short this week. However I put the charts together for you to see below. The common theme among the stocks funds is
  3. TSP Talk: The rally continues, getting stretched

    The upside rubber band continues to stretch with more gains for the stock market on Thursday. The Dow added another 206-points with tech stocks leading the way. The S&P 500 (C-fund) and DWCPF (S-fund) both gained about 1% while the I-fund lagged as the dollar rallied on the stronger than expected 4th quarter GDP report. Bonds also lost ground on that data as yields rallied.

  4. TSP Talk: Stocks show resilience coming back from morning sell off

    Another impressive come back for stocks after the opening bell sell off. Microsoft made a full circle from up 4% afterhours on Tuesday after reporting earnings, to being down 4% at Wednesday's opening, before closing just slightly negative, and that was basically the directional path of the major indices as well. The Dow ended the day with a 10-point gain, the S&P 500 and small caps ended the day flat, and the I-fund had solid gain with the help of more weakness in the dollar. Bonds and the ...
  5. TSP Talk: Stocks flat to lower as earnings season heats up

    Stocks were flat to lower on Tuesday despite a sharp sell off in early trading. With Microsoft earnings on deck after the bell yesterday, and several other major tech companies scheduled to release earnings over the next week, plus the FOMC meeting also next week, the market treaded water during the day. The Dow had a triple digit gain but the broader indices were flat to lower on the day. Bond yields and the dollar opened higher triggering the selling in early trading yesterday, but they both ...
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