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  1. TSP Talk: Another reversal - this one is bullish

    Another major reversal for stocks on Friday and this was one of the few that saw stocks down early and finish strong. The Dow was actually negative at 2:40 PM ET before someone flipped a switch and a massive rally ensued in the final 80 minutes of trading. It was just the second positive close for the S&P 500 in the last nine trading sessions, and the prior one was just a gain of 0.28%. Friday's was a 2.45% gain for the S&P. Small caps kept up with the large caps, but the I-fund will ...
  2. Intrepid Timer's Weekly Chart Analysis

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    A week of corporate earnings and an FOMC meeting brought volatility to stock indices including mid-day reversals and last-minute rallies. Stocks were down to start the week with anticipation of the FOMC meeting policy statements. The Federal Reserve signaled the first-rate hike since the beginning of the pandemic to come in March as they finish winding down their bond purchases. The Fed's change in priorities from keeping the economy growing in the face of the pandemic to now combating inflation ...
  4. TSP Talk: Flip flopping

    Another big morning rally was reversed on Thursday. This one was a gap up open that eventually failed. Stocks were down again as the "sell the rallies" mentality has taken over. There are some signs that the market is overdone on the downside, but that could just mean a multi day rally is well overdue, but that could be sold as well. We're looking for one that should be more meaningful than these fleeting intraday rallies that repeatedly fail. The Dow lost just 7-points but the broader ...
  5. TSP Talk: Pre-Fed rally fails big time

    Stocks closed mostly flat yesterday. There I go again - sarcasm! It doesn't work real well in print, does it? Yes, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were flat on the day but the action was anything but flat. The Fed released their policy statement and initially the big morning rally in stocks was extended to huge levels. The S&P was up nearly 100 points just after 2 PM ET, but that turned into a big loss and finally flat by the close. The Press Conference afterward may have left more questions ...
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