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  1. Small Caps Falter Again - Posted by Coolhand

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    Today's action changed little in terms of market character. In particular, small caps got hit early in the trading session and never recovered. The S&P also got hit early, but it bounced back to close near the neutral line.

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    On the S&P chart, we can see that price failed to push past resistance, but it didn't give up much ground either. Price on the DWCPF gave back all of Friday's gains and bit more.
  2. TSP Talk: Stocks fly higher into Friday's close

    It was a crazy ending to a wild week for stocks on Friday, culminating with a final 15 minute rally the likes of which I don't recall ever seeing before. Other than the Nasdaq, the indices were mostly green all day, with decent gains at the intraday highs during the trading day. A curious late spike higher took the gains to another level and the Dow ended the day up 453-points, and all three TSP stock funds gained over 1.5% for the day.
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