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  1. Waiting For Something To Happen? Posted by Coolhand

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    The bears had their way for the morning session, but the bulls got back in the game in the afternoon to close out the day with moderate gains.


    It remains a mixed picture with price on the DWCPF still under the 50 dma and above that key average on the S&P. Momentum has yet to turn back up. Volume has been average. Since the market turned today, it may be ready for the upswing. We'll have to see.
  2. TSP Talk: Early gains fail as rebalancing continues

    Stocks once again fell apart in the afternoon trading session, after a very strong morning. The Dow only lost 3-points but it gave up a 360-point earlier gain, and the Russell 2000 small caps were up 1.6% at their highs, only to close down 2.6% so someone opened up the selling spigots. The Nasdaq was on a risk off day as well. Yields fell and growth is supposed to bounce back in that case, right? That's what we've seen lately, anyway.

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