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  1. Anyone Still Doubting the Bull's Resolve? Posted by Coolhand

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    After today's upside follow through of Tuesday big reversal (bottom), the odds just went up that fresh highs may be coming in the days ahead.

    Spell Checker is Finally Working-spx-png
    Spell Checker is Finally Working-dwcpf-png

    Both charts show price poised to challenge previous all-time highs. Momentum looks like it may be getting ready to turn back up. Strength has certainly turned higher and volume was on the robust side. It sure looks like a bottom is in. Now price has to test overhead
  2. TSP Talk: A washout sell off / reversal

    The pullback in stocks continued on Tuesday, but a Turnaround Tuesday it was. After the opening bell was met with severe selling, we saw some buyers step up fairly quickly, and from there we got a steady move higher until about 10 minutes before the close when we did see some selling before the bell rang. The Dow and S&P 500 ended the day slightly higher - a huge reversal, while the Nasdaq and small caps continue to go their own way, and yesterday that was down.

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