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  1. Bulls Make it 2 Straight - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bulls made it 2 in a row on Tuesday. Much of the previous losses have now been erased and price is not far from the peak now. However, there may be resistance as price tries to move higher.

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    We've seen this before too. Every bout of weakness of some size gets reversed at some point with new highs eventually being hit. Are we going to see fresh highs again? Let's just say I'm not betting against the
  2. TSP Talk: Stocks rebound as support holds

    The stock market bounced back on Monday from last week's sell-off and ironically it may have been the selling in the Gamestop that helped investors feel more "normal." Gamestop was down 100 points or 31% yesterday, and either this wave of short squeezes is over, or they are just waiting for the next opportunity. The Dow gained 229-points but the Nasdaq and small caps led with each gaining over 2% on the day.

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