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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    It was a relatively un-lively week for stock in a year of great proportions. Large caps only saw gains two of the five days this week, but Monday's gains were enough to keep them in positive territory. Small caps did not have the same benefit and Friday's loss pushed into negative territory for the week.

    This week wrapped up 2021's market and it was quite a year. Below I'll give a chart of each fund's respective action this year. The C-fund outperformed by more than double the S and ...
  2. TSP Talk: Is the TSP processing IFTs today? I still don't know

    Some afternoon selling spoiled a strong day for stocks on Thursday as the Dow, up nearly 200-points early, ended the day down 91. The S&P 500 also turned a modest gain into a loss. Small caps, which were up 1.2% in the early afternoon, tanked late and gave away most of that, although the S-fund did close with a gain. Bonds and the dollar were up on the day.

  3. TSP Talk: A quiet day that included new highs for the S&P

    An afternoon rally moved the Dow and S&P 500 into positive territory yesterday, but once again the Nasdaq and small caps lagged, although the S-fund closed near the highs of the day, erasing a large early loss. The Dow gained 90-points, the dollar and bonds were down as yields rallied.

  4. TSP Talk: A pause in the action, or the end of the rally?

    The Dow was up almost 100-points yesterday but it was more of a profit taking / tax selling day as most the broader indices had a day of distribution. The S&P 500 managed to close near the flat line but small caps and the Nasdaq saw sharper losses. Bonds were flat, the dollar was up. It's been quite a run but we know stocks don't go up everyday, even during this Santa Claus Rally week.

  5. TSP Talk: Ladies and gentlemen, the Santa Claus Rally

    Santa is in the building! Stocks rallied to start the official Santa Claus rally. Because of the historical bullish bias of the week before Christmas, I generally consider the Santa Clause rally to start the week leading up to Christmas, which we saw was quite good this year, but historically Wall Street considers the week between Christmas and New Years, plus the first two trading days in January, to be the official dates. Whatever you called it, it worked yesterday as the Dow and most indices ...
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