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  1. Ambush - Posted by Coolhand

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    It would be nice to have warnings before "they" decide to whack the market, but we don't get warnings (unless you include the ones we see every single day for years on end). Those are really helpful, aren't they? There's always those who are warning us of dire consequences and those who are telling us the exact opposite. That's the battle between bulls and bears (that's actually a superficial reference, but I don't want to go there).

    Of course, if you're an insider (which we aren't)...
  2. TSP Talk: A vaccine rally?

    ]Stocks opened higher on Wednesday and gained momentum throughout the day. It was more of a Bizarro day with the normal winners lagging and the broader market pressing higher. The Dow gained a whopping 455-points, and that was with Apple having a rare bad day. The Nasdaq and small caps were lagging and negative for much of the morning before everything turned higher in the afternoon.

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