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  1. S&P Falls Below 50 dma - Posted by Coolhand

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    The week ended on a negative note Friday as the S&P and DWCPF both fell. However, the S&P 500 closed for the week with a moderate loss, while the DWCPF closed with a significant gain. Isn't that interesting.

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    Market Talk-dwcpf-png

    Volume was much higher today. Momentum is falling on the S&P, but flat on the DWCPF. The 50 dma failed today on the S&P 500, but not the DWCPF.

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  2. TSP Talk: The bears sense an opportunity. Bulls look for support

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Thursday and an initial attempt by the bulls to erase those losses fell short, then the selling resumed into the afternoon. A late rally helped push the indices off their lows, and more importantly, holding some of them above key support levels. The Transports came all the way back to break even on the day and closed right near their all time high, while tech took the biggest hit yesterday. The Dow, down 384-poins at the lows, close down 130.

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