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  1. Retest of the 50 dma in Progress - Posted by Coolhand

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    It was bears turn to make a run out the gate today as price fell hard at the opening bell.

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    I said yesterday that a retest of the 50 dma was still possible and we only had to wait 1 day to get that retest (the test is still in progress). Price closed just above that key average on both charts. To this point, support is holding, but will it last?

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  2. TSP Talk: Fed dovish, but investors take profits

    The Fed brought some volatility to the table as the indices were all over the place on Wednesday. After a big bounce off the recent lows, investors took some profits after the very dovish Fed meeting / policy statement. That's not unusual, but we did see some negative short-term technical hiccups on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq charts. However, if we look outside of large cap tech sector, the broader market actually did rather well. The Dow gained 37-points and S-fund, which contains most U.S. ...
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