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  1. Back to Neutral - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bulls started out strong today and held their ground a good part of the day, but the bears mounted a counter in late afternoon trading that cut gains by about half by the close. That's not necessarily a negative, but it does show that the bears haven't gone away.

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    It appears the bulls have retraced roughly half of the losses from the peak. Momentum is turning up.

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  2. TSP Talk: Stocks start the week with a big rally

    Stocks jumped out of the gate on Monday morning with a solid gain in the indices. While there was some sliding in the afternoon taking the them off their highs, the indices did hold onto a good portion of their early gains. The Dow gained 328-points, while the Nasdaq, and particularly the small caps, did very well. Not much news out there, but an overhang of vaccine optimism could be the catalyst for the strength.

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