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  1. Bulls Making a Stand - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bulls made it clear today that they are not just going to stand around and get pounded by the bears. That's really not a surprise to me, which is why I said in previous posts that I can't be sure how this plays out. It's not just financial indicators I'm looking at as I watch this battle for control of price. This battle goes beyond the financial bedrock of the market itself. I alluded to this the other day and it's why I take the bearish NAAIM reading seriously. It doesn't guarantee a decline,
  2. TSP Talk: September starts with two down weeks

    It was a mixed day on Wall Street Friday with the Dow and Transports up, the Nasdaq and small caps down, and the S&P 500 flat. Bonds were up and the dollar was down. The I fund was up sharply - partly because of a dip in the dollar, and more likely because the early gains in the U.S. market didn't disappear until after the overseas markets had already closed on Friday.

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