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  1. Mixed Close, But Still Bullish - Posted by Coolhand

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    The last day of August saw the market close mixed, though it was only because a late day sell-off took some of the indices out of positive territory. It wasn't anything unusual.

    Market Talk-s-p-500-png
    Market Talk-dwcpf-png

    The charts continue to look very bullish, though overbought.

    Market Talk-nyad-png

    Breadth remains so-so, though still bullish.

    The smart money is bulled up, so I see no reason
  2. TSP Talk: New highs leave bears behind

    Another big day for stocks on Friday sending many of the indices to new all time highs again. The Dow gained 162-points while the S&P 500 comes into the new week on a 7 day winning streak, which is actually the second 7-day winning streak since July 31st, so August has been a good month for stocks, and the bulls will hate to see it go.

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