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  1. Price Turns Back at Resistance - Posted by Coolhand

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    Resistance at the February peak manifested today as price was rejected and the market fell back.

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    It was nothing dramatic. Price is very likely to probe resistance again very soon given the relatively moderate pullback.

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    Breadth has fallen off recently, but does remain bullish.

    Tomorrow is Thursday and that's when we get a fresh
  2. TSP Talk: New highs on extemely low volume?

    Stocks were mixed on Tuesday with the Dow shedding 67-points while the S&P 500, and particularly the Nasdaq, did well. Small caps and the Transports were down, and bonds rebounded for a 2nd day. The modest gains in the S&P 500 were enough to finally push it to an all-time high, but it kind of limped over that finish line, rather than sprinted. Wal-mart earnings led to a strong open for stocks, and then things got quiet and became a slow summer day of trading.

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