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  1. Bears Strike First, but Bulls Counter - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bears jumped on the market at the open, gapping price lower after the opening bell. But they couldn't press the downside as the bulls were able to begin recovering the market after about an hour of trading.

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    And while the bulls weren't able to get the indexes into the green, they didn't close it all that far below the neutral line either (resilience).

    Breadth dipped, but remains bullish.
  2. TSP Talk: Market rallies early, and hold gains after Fed Policy

    Stocks rallied ahead of the FOMC meeting and policy statement yesterday, and once that statement was released, we did see some choppiness, but the bulls won out and we saw a close with the indices just off their highs. The Dow gained 160-points and yesterday it was the small caps' turn to lead the way, along with the Transportation Index, both of which gained over 2% on the day. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq both had gains over 1% so it was a broad rally.

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