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  1. 200 dma Disappearing in the Rear View - Posted by Coolhand

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    The bulls had their way with the market again today.

    namor's Vegas Boxer Account Talk-s-p-500-png
    namor's Vegas Boxer Account Talk-dwcpf-png

    The 200 dma on both charts is now quickly disappearing in the rear view mirror. Momentum continues to rise. RSI is near overbought, but that may not be meaningful in a market that might be on a mission.

    namor's Vegas Boxer Account Talk-nyad-png

    Breadth continues to look strong.

    NAAIM reports tomorrow. Will we see a
  2. TSP Talk: Chase or patience during this relentless rally?

    Stocks rallied on Tuesday as the the market rally isn't missing a beat despite the economic challenges and civil unrest going on around us. Most of those gains in the broader indices came in the final 30 minutes of trading yesterday after one Federal Reserve economist said getting the U.S. economy back to strong growth could require negative interest rates. The Dow gained 268-points as the mostly flat day turned into near 1% gain in many indices after that late rally.

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